Jacquard Belt

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Quality Jacquard Belt Manufacturer

Rope Ribbon came into existence in May 2006 in China. Rope ribbon supplies drawstrings for shoelaces, jacquard belts, elastic bands, garments, etc. Our products comprise hats, shoes for casual and medical wear, bed sets, bags, etc. We are an SGS-certified jacquard belt manufacturer. We work with big names including Puma, H&M, Adidas, etc. We customize products based on colors, specifications, and various materials. Due to our customization, we became among the finest drawstring cord wholesale suppliers

Why Choose Our Jacquard Belt?

Rope Ribbon treats people with respect and sincerity. A certified jacquard belt manufacturer always strictly follows the instructions of environmental protection when manufacturing and supplying their products. We conduct business with customers from different countries including China, Japan, the United States of America, and Southeast Asia. Through us, your life will not only become comfortable but also beautiful. 

Benefits of Our Jacquard Belt

Elegant Appearance

If you are looking for an elegantly designer jacquard belt, you have come to the right place. It is three-dimensional and very stylish to carry. 


Rope Ribbon’s jacquard pattern is quite durable. We, your jacquard belt manufacturer, claim to make jacquard belts that never go out of shape. 


Our jacquard belts are lightweight which makes them easier to wear even when traveling. It has a metal buckle that looks very stylish yet elegant to wear. 

We have a good reputation in the industry due to our top quality and best customer support service. We believe in creating long-term relationships with the new and existing clients of Rope Ribbons. 




Ingredients : cleanse
Specification : 10MM*1250MM
Origin : China. Dongguan
Monthly Capacity : 3 million
Production Cycle : 25 days
MQQ : The color MOQ is less than 2000 pieces and will be charged an additional $50