Custom Rope

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Finest Custom Rope Manufacturer

Rope Ribbons, based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, was founded in May 2006. We are a professional manufacturer that specializes in the creation, production, and marketing of webbing. We mostly supply drawstrings for garments, Shoelaces, Elastic Band, Jacquard Belts, and various other sportswear. We use customers’ sample requirements to build and modify goods of various materials, specifications, and colors. We are the finest custom rope manufacturer in China. Our items have all been cleared with an SGS-certification for their quality. 

What Makes Us the Best?

We tailor items to the preferences of our clientele, whether they are local or international. Our personalization is based on the client’s preferred materials, colors, and specifications. Customers from all over the world, including Japan, China, the United States, and Southeast Asia, do business with us. As your custom rope manufacturer, we ensure your life becomes not only more comfortable but also more beautiful.

What Sets Our Ropes Apart? 

Many Practical Applications

We, as your custom rope manufacturer, make all kinds of ropes with many practical applications. You can use our ropes for camping purposes, cargo control products, hiking, towing vehicles with small engines, etc. 

No Unraveling 

Our ropes are heat-sealed so there is no fraying or unraveling in them. Both ends of our ropes are extra nylon braided so you do not have to worry about the unraveling in it. This is also not an issue with our nylon webbing rope

Built to Last

Our ropes are resistant to rot, UV, and fiber which makes them durable. We built it with extra strength so you easily use it for extra handling. 




Ingredients: cotton
Specification : 6MM*1250MM
Origin: China. Dongguan
Monthly Capacity : 3 million
Production Cycle: 20 days
MQQ : The color MOQ is less than 2000 pieces and will be charged an additional $50